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Want to embellish your parking space with asphalt paving?

An asphalt parking space has a lifespan of roughly twenty years and requires minimal maintenance. While this may be less than the lifespan of paving stone, it also costs significantly less.

Entreprise Six Étoiles puts in a solid packed gravel base according to construction standards in order to minimize the risk of cracking and the need for repetitive repairs. This base serves to ensure adequate water drainage under the asphalt, thereby reducing strain due to freezing and thawing which causes cracking and which also helps to distribute vehicle weight over a larger surface area, thereby preventing asphalt depression.

Our experts ensure asphalt stability through a prerequisite process of mini-excavation to a depth of at least 12 to 16 inches depending on soil type and will also ensure regulatory grading in order to direct water away from your house foundations.

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